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Waste as a renewable energy resource, the first step towards a new business model


Elena Liliana Moiceanu Marin

 An increased level of attention, globally, regarding environmental issues leads to the idea that utilizing green energy represents a first step towards the development of new business models. Backed by an unprecedented technological boom, the accentuated dependency of humankind on finite energy sources becomes a reality of contemporary society. The green economy represents thus a new developmental niche in the business area. Therefore, the objective of decoupling the economic growth from the natural resources’ consumption, becomes the main direction for a sustainable economy. On that account, promoting new eco-efficient business models brings enterprises economic advantages. The purpose of this research paper is to identify the main action paths that economic enterprises can pursue to obtain a competitive advantage by rightly managing environmental issues.  
First, the main theoretical points of view concerning renewable energy resources are analyzed.  
Following that, the means through which enterprises can obtain a competitive advantage are explained, covering the progressive development process of new business models and the creation of platforms for future business practices.  
Lastly, four new strategies are suggested, which enterprise can use to increase their economic performance, by correctly managing and actioning upon existing environmental issues.  
The research backing this article reaches thus two important conclusions regarding resource management and the use of green energy:  
1.         The future economic competitive edge will belong to those that will understand and take actions considering that the assumption of infinite resources is not feasible in a finite space.     
2. In the economic landscape, green energy represents the most important form of capital, and the economy should be a mean for sustainable development and not a finality in itself. 

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