Volatility, market capitalization and seasonality of Bitcoin | 18244
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Volatility, market capitalization and seasonality of Bitcoin prices


Agnihotri M

Financial markets have witnessed a tremendous growth of crypto currencies in the recent years. These crypto currencies are digital currencies and use encryption techniques to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify them. A number of crypto currencies are being traded in the markets which include Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first and the most popular crypto currency traded in the markets. The price of Bitcoins has seen ups and downs in the last 8 years since its launch. The aim of this study is to study the volatility, market capitalization and seasonality of Bitcoins. The study uses only secondary data for a period of 6 years, for Volatility of Bitcoin prices, market capitalization and movement of Bitcoin prices, but 7 years for studying the seasonality of Bitcoin prices. Regression analysis, histograms are used to analyze and present the data. The findings of the study indicate the prices of Bitcoins have declined in the recent periods and have a tendency to decline during a certain period of the year.

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