Valsava Retinopathy: A review | 16246
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Valsava Retinopathy: A review


Bassey Fiebai, Efeoghene U Ani, Datonjo A George

The study was carried out to investigate the causes , presentation and management of premacular hemorrhage secondary to Valsava retinopathy in Port Harcourt. Case folders of patients who presented to the retina units of the University of Port Harco urt Teaching Hospital and a private hospital betwee n 2014 and 2016, were reviewed. Data collected includ es age, sex, presenting visual acuity, risk factors , and treatment modalities. Three eyes of two patient s were reviewed. One patient had bilateral premacular haemorrhage. Both patients had a very si gnificant improvement, with best corrected acuity of 6/6 within three weeks of conservative managemen t involving sleeping in standard Fowlers position. Valsava retinopathy though a rare condition can cau se a profound loss of vision. Spontaneous recovery with full visual function is common withou t intervention.

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