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Uterovaginal packing with rolled gauze in postpartum haemorrhage: A prospective study of an Indian Medical College


Malay Sarkar, Swapan Kr. Jana, Debasish Bhar, Subrata Kumar Mandal, Partha Sarathi Halder, Amar Kumar Das, Sankar Kumar Das

This study is to assess the safety and efficacy of uterovaginal packing in the management of post partum haemorrhage (PPH) and to observe its outcome. A prospective study was conducted for three (3) years in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Midnapore Medical College, West Bengal, India. Forty-nine cases of PPH following vaginal deliveries who were haemodynamically stable after initial resuscitation with fluid and blood but PPH not responding to bimanual compression and medical therapy were given with uterovaginal packing for 36 hours. PPH due to genital trauma or retained tissue were excluded. Assessment of haemodynamic status and measurement of fundal height were done every 15 minutes. Pack was removed when it was sure that there was no bleeding and no deterioration of haemodynamic status. Out of the forty-nine cases, PPH was arrested in forty-five cases by uterovaginal packing. Only four cases required more invasive surgical therapy. Two patients needed hysterectomy as they were haemodynamically unstable, quadruple ligation was done in one patient and one patient responded to internal iliac artery ligation.Uterovaginal packing is a safe, easy, quick and effective procedure for arresting uncontrollable PPH, if detected early, when patient is haemodynamically stable

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