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Using the Dar- Zarrouk Concept to Infer the Subsurface Lithological Extent of Agbani Sandstone, Enugu State, Nigeria


Austin C. Okonkwo*, Chukwudi C. Ezeh, Opara A.I, Nwatarali R.A.N, Dimanyi M.S and Emmanuel Enang

The lateral extent of the Agbani Sandstone, within the Enugu state university of science and technology, Agbani campus was investigated using the Dar - Zarrouk parameters. The study area is underlain by Agbani Sandstone and Awgu Shales. A total of 13 (thirteen) vertical electrical sounding (VES) was carried out within the study area. Longitudinal resistivity, transverse resistance and apparent resistivity data was computed from the interpreted VES data. These were used to infer the lateral extent of Agbani Sandstone in the study area. High longitudinal resistivity, transverse resistance and apparent resistivity are indicative of a thick succession of a substratum. Areas around the law faculty building, health centre and near the existing borehole at the back gate were observed to have high longitudinal resistivity, transverse resistance and apparent resistivity values, with average thickness of 48meters. These areas are recommended for citing of productive boreholes. The anomaly trend is roughly NE – SW direction. The Agbani Sandstone is however limited in extent within the study area. The information provided from this study should therefore guide future groundwater development in the study area.

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