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Urine Culture Prior to Transrectal Prostate Biopsy for Follow the Proper Routine of Clinical Value


Priya Sharma*

Following a transrectal prostate biopsy, there could be serious infectious consequences. In order to facilitate targeted antibiotic prophylaxis and lessen postbiopsy infections, regular cultures performed before all prostate biopsies were implemented in sweden. To find out if a clinical practice that includes a urine culture before a prostate biopsy and specific preventive antibiotic medication lowers postbiopsy infections. Participants, setting, and design Region kronoberg started a site-specific antimicrobial stewardship programme with a urine culture before a prostate biopsy in 2015. To evaluate this routine, we designed a population based register study including all men who had an outpatient prostate biopsy in and a control period including all men who had a biopsy in, when a urinary culture was obtained only on clinical suspicion. Outcome measurements and statistical infectious complications within were the main result, and changing the antibiotic preventive regimen was the secondary result. The prescription of antibiotics for urinary tract infections, hospital admission for urinary tract infections, or sepsis following a biopsy were all considered infectious complications. Results and constraints prostate biopsy operations, which were preceded by a urine culture, were performed during the urine culture phase. A urine culture was performed before to 2818 procedures during the control period.

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