Toxicological profiles of direct administration of extract o | 16738
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Toxicological profiles of direct administration of extract of gossypium barbadense (linneaus) leaves


Adekola M. B, Areola J O, Tijani A.S, Adebiyi A E, Olatoye T R, and Babalola O. O

This study was designed to investigate the acute and sub- chronic toxicities of direc t-extract of leaves of Gossypium barbadense (Linn) with and without addition of lime in albino mice and wistar rats respectively, with a view to evaluating their possible toxic effects on thes e animals, and also its cytotoxic potential using Allium cepa test. Fresh leaves of G. barbadense were crushed and squeezed to obtain di rect-extract while the limed-extract was prepared from the mixture of direct-extract and Citrus medica juice in ratio 3 : 1[v/v].The direct and limed-extract were then partitioned with ethyl acetate to obtained ethyl acetate fractions which was used for cytotoxicity test. The direct and limed-extracts were screened for phytochemical constitutents.

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