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This Review Introduces the Mechanism of Drug Resistance of Tumor Chemotherapeutic Drugs and Targeted Drugs


Xiaohui Li*

Clinically, cancer sedate treatment is still overwhelmed by chemotherapy drugs. In spite of the fact that the rise of focused on drugs has enormously moved forward the survival rate of patients with progressed cancer, medicate resistance has continuously been a troublesome issue in clinical cancer treatment. At the current level of medication, most drugs cannot elude the destiny of medicate resistance. With the rise and improvement of quality location, fluid biopsy ctDNA innovation, and single-cell sequencing innovation, the atomic component of tumor sedate resistance has slowly developed. Drugs can moreover be overhauled in reaction to medicate resistance instruments and bring higher survival benefits. The utilize of unused drugs regularly leads to modern instruments of resistance. In this survey, the multi-molecular instruments of sedate resistance are presented, and the overcoming of sedate resistance is examined from the point of view of the tumor microenvironment.

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