The youths�?¢�?�?��?�?� perspective on HIV/AIDS counseling | 18071
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The youths�?¢�?�?��?�?� perspective on HIV/AIDS counseling and testing (HCT) in Gulu, Northern Uganda. A Crosssectional study design


D.L Kitara and C. Ecik

A study conducted by Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC) in seven districts of Uganda indicated that 64% of those who tested for HIV/AIDS did not disclose their sero-status to their sexual partners. During the political turmoil in 80s and 90s in Uganda, there was an estimated HIV prevalence of 29% in the urban areas with high levels of stigma and superstition preventing HIV counseling and testing. According to the chairperson of Uganda parliamentary committee on HIV/AIDS, less than 20% of Ugandans know their HIV status. A cross-sectional study conducted in Gulu district, Pece division among 86 youths between 15 to 35 years. 93% of the respondents understood HIV counseling and testing (HCT) and 97.7% were able to mention 2 or more benefits, 84.9% would encourage others to do it. Only 36% of them had undertaken HCT while only 32.1% having done it more than twice. 90% of the respondents practiced stigmatization as a method of deterring other youths from contracting HIV/AIDS. In conclusion, there is sufficient knowledge, a positive attitude but the practice about HCT is poor (36.1%) among the youths.

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