The Spectrophotometric Biosensor for Precancerous Identifica | 93994
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The Spectrophotometric Biosensor for Precancerous Identification


Rachael Martin*

The body or the cancer itself produces substances known as tumor markers, typically proteins, in response to cancer growth. Tumor markers can be found in tissue, blood, or urine, and their discovery and detection may lead to an earlier diagnosis of cancer and improved therapeutic intervention. Due to their simplicity and high efficiency, colorimetric immunoassays for the detection of tumor markers have received a lot of attention. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays are the foundation of the colorimetric immunoassays that have been used to detect tumor markers for a long time. The remarkable achievements of nanotechnology have further provided opportunities for the creation of immunoassays of this kind. This paper will sum up late advances in the field of colorimetric immunoassays for recognizing growth markers, which is planned to give an outline in this field, as well as trial direction for the student.

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