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The Sociological Imagination: Revisiting the Concept and its Significance in Contemporary Society


Ekta P*

This review article revisits the concept of the sociological imagination and its significance in contemporary society. The sociological imagination, as conceptualized by C. Wright Mills, involves the ability to understand the relationship between individual experiences and broader social, historical, and political forces. This article explores the ways in which the sociological imagination has been redefined and reinterpreted since its inception in the mid-twentieth century, and its continued relevance in understanding contemporary social issues such as inequality, globalization, and technological change. Drawing on recent sociological research, this article argues that the sociological imagination remains a valuable tool for scholars and practitioners across a range of fields, as it allows for a nuanced understanding of the complex social structures and processes that shape our lives. The article concludes with a discussion of future directions for research on the sociological imagination and its application in addressing contemporary social issues.

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