The pattern of anaemia in northern Nigerian pregnant women | 17884
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The pattern of anaemia in northern Nigerian pregnant women


Muhammad Yalwa Gwarzo and Emmanual A. Ugwa

The aim of this research is to determine anaemia in pregnancy among women in some rural Northern Nigeria populations, its prevalence, pattern and po ssible predisposing factors. Two hundred apparently healthy pregnant women of various matern al ages, parities and gestational ages were taken as the study population. Fifty apparently healthy n on-pregnant women served as controls. Research structured questionnaires were utilized for vital s ociodemographic, obstetrics and nutrition information, clinical anthropometric measurements w ere done and serum levels of protein, albumin, triglyceride and vitamin A were determined. Data we re analyzed using SPSS statistical software and statistical significance was determined using chi s quare test. This study showed that the prevalence o f anaemia in pregnancy is 24.5%. There is a statisti cally significant difference (p<0.05) in packed cel l volume (PCV) between the pregnant (34.94±4.98%) and nonpregnant (38.11±6.47%). It also showed that the PCV increased progressively from the first to t he third trimester, while it decreases with advanci ng maternal age and parity. Intervention to prevent ma laria in pregnancy such as mass literacy and public enlightenment, poverty eradication, antimalarial an d antihelminths therapy, nutritional supplementation and routine use of haematenics thro ughout the stages of pregnancy would prove valuable preventive measures.

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