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The management of administrative capacity and the development of the Touristic models in the Albanian Region


Miftar Ramosacaj and Alba Dumi

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have recognized a significant development in the tourism industry. Digitization of all processes of the tourism chain, is a modern alternative to the rapidly growing tourism industry in developing countries like Albania. Technology opportunities today offer the possibility of excellence and development in the field of ICT in the tourism industry. However, the level of tourism development varies according to regions, countries and continents. The main objective of this research is to examine the ICT developments in tourism in Albania, particularly in its applications in hotels in the Vlora Ionian coast, as a great opportunity to bring them on the international tourism market. In particular, the research examines the extent of ICT in enterprises of small and medium tourism. The level of Internet presence is sufficient to study the level of the Destination Management System. Results show that the market district of Vlora is in the early stages of its deployment. However, the low spread of ICT expresses once again the lack of cooperation between tour operators and structures responsible for tourism development. It also shows a lack of cooperation between companies that operate in the ICT sector and operators in the tourism sector. The spread of ICT is a great opportunity to raise the revenues of small and medium tourism enterprises through their presence in the global market.

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