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The majority of our social scientists do not work for an institution; rather, they work for research consultancies and social science capacity for East African health research.


Adong Edgar*

There is a serious lack of senior African social researchers to lead wellbeing related research in Africa Respondents' clarifications for deficient sociology research limit basically connected with a work in progress and worldwide financial imbalances. However, the predominance of independently contracted research consultancies was a recurring theme. These appear to divert university staff from supporting colleagues and training the next generation of researchers, limiting the dissemination of research findings, maintaining donors' control over the research agenda, and reducing the institutional capacity of university departments. Although limited research capacity in sub-Saharan Africa is primarily caused by macroeconomic factors, modifying the method by which much research is carried out could help. According to the findings of this exploratory study, commissioning consultancy research through institutions rather than individuals and incurring significant overhead costs could improve institutional research capacity.

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