The glycemic index and load of different Nigerian food forms | 17590
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The glycemic index and load of different Nigerian food forms


Evans Egwim C and Gajere Y.

The knowledge of glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) of foods is essential for rational advice on calorie recommendation. Unfortunately, the GI and GL of many Nigerian food forms is not known and so the present study was designed to classify 30 Nigerian food forms into low, moderate and high glycemic loads (HGL). Eighteen (18) human volunteers, aged 16-24 years with a mean body mass index (BMI) of 22.59�?±1.51kg/m2 were recruited and were separated into different groups to consume the test food forms consisting of 50g available carbohydrate (CHO) from different Nigerian food forms. Fasting blood glucose of the subjects was evaluated using Accu-chek active glucometer. The area under curve (AUC), GI and GL for the different food forms were calculated. The outcome of the analysis showed that 26.67% of the 30 Nigerian food forms are high GL food, 53.33% are moderate GL and 20.00% are low GL foods.

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