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The factors influencing service delivery in the national police service: a case of the Kenya police in Nairobi County


John Karanja Ngugi, Patrick Karanja Ngugi, Were M. Susan and Leah Titany

Over the past decade, the government has been carrying on Public Service reforms focusing on streamlining the Police Service; harmonizing pay benefits; and putting in place interventions to enhance efficiency in the Service. The establishment of the National Police Service which comprises of the Kenya Police Service and Administration Police Service was part of the Police Reforms aimed at professionalizing service delivery in the Police. Despite the reforms, service delivery in the National Police Service has been and continues to draw attention from the external and internal environment. There are various factors that affect the delivery of service and it was the purpose of the study to analyze the factors influencing service delivery in the National Police Service. Stratified sampling technique was employed. The Police Officers were divided into three levels and then simple random sampling was used that gave a representative sample for each level. This research involved triangulation (use of multiple research tools e.g. questionnaires and in-depth interviews). The collected data was processed using SPSS computer package, analyzed and presented using frequency tables, bar charts, and pie charts. The study found out that the police service has embraced ICT in its service delivery which has affected service delivery positively. The study recommends that firms should focus on the employee wellbeing at work as it enhances a healthy workforce which in turn improves the service standards of the firm.

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