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The effect of information management on the financial performance of banks in Nigeria (2006-2010)


Dr. Kabiru I. Dandago, Mr. Abdullahi Sani Rufai

Corporate information management appears not to have been a core tenet of most organizations in Nigeria. This position is rapidly changing as organizations are confronted with compliance and regulatory demands and/or e-government targets all demanding for more effective and efficient access to information and its management. This study aims at assessing the effect of information management on the performance of banks in the Nigeria banking industry. To empirically examine the relationship between information management and bank performance, the study employs the use of secondary data where relevant information from the published annual reports of money deposit banks in Nigeria were used, covering period of five (5) years (2006-2010). A sample of five banks was drawn from the population. A trend analysis and time series analysis were used in analyzing and testing the hypothesis. Judgmental sampling technique is used in selecting the five banks. The study concludes that for a bank to continue to remain financially viable and managerially performing, it must give high priority to information management, especially in terms of financial analysis. The study, therefore, recommends that there should be in place policies for managing the information life cycle for integrating the information flows into the business plan of Nigerian banks. Adopting new computer technology only raises potential information processing capacity while having adequate infrastructure improves access to needed data. Banks should ensure that mechanisms exist to identify the costs of information technology as an intangible asset to the banks and its contribution to the value added of the banks should be appreciated.

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