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The Bacteriology and Physico-chemical Analysis of Freshwater Fish Ponds


Torimiro N.*, Bebe P. T., Ogundipe F. E. Esan D. M., Aduwo A.

A survey of the bacteriological and physico-chemical analysis of three freshwater earthen fish ponds stocked with Clarias gariepinus was conducted using standard methods. The antibiotics susceptibility testing of the bacterial isolates were determined using the agar disc diffusion method. The total aerobic bacterial count ranged from 1.50 x 104 CFU/mL – 1.13 x 106 Cfu/mL. Twenty-five bacterial isolates belonging to thirteen genera were identified. The values of the physico-chemical parameters were within the acceptable limit. Potential pathogens of which 80 per cent exhibited multiple antibiotic resistance was observed. The study suggests the need for periodic water quality control of fish ponds in order to ensure fish safety as well as to prevent the transmission of potential pathogens with multi-drug resistance to humans.

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