Testing and evaluation of farm machines: an essential step f | 15755
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Testing and evaluation of farm machines: an essential step for developing mechanization in Nigeria


Faleye T, Farounbi AJ, Ogundipe OS, and JA Adebija

The need for mechanization of Nigerian Agricultural production cannot be over emphasized. Greater understanding of equipment characteristics that enhance operation in the specific conditions of each region in Nigeria is also pertinent. Standards for testing agricultural equipment have to be adapted and adopted based on this understanding. The results generated from standard testing have to be used to guide concerned agricultural equipment industry in the country, assist in improving the quality of locally produced equipment, the selective importation of equipment, and in farmers’ purchase and use of agricultural equipment. Nigerian agricultural productivity can be significantly enhanced with mechanization specifically designed to perform in local agro-ecological conditions. This would require modern testing equipment, efficient organizational structures and research-based knowledge to ensure efficiency and impact in improving agricultural mechanization in the country.

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