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Studying the Use of Tiny Fungal Cell Coated in The sesame Fuel as a surgical method


Veronika Kabadiya*

As a nanofiber hydrogel, Bacterial Cellulose (BC) has numerous uses in burn treatment, and Sesamum fuel was traditionally utilized for this purpose. As a result, we used layers of Sesamum fuel-coated purified bacterial cellulose in this study. AFM and SEM were used to evaluate the specimens' bending property and wettability, and the morphology of BC was characterized. The result showed that the coated layer with sesamum fuel had 50% less bending than the untreated wet layer. Additionally, it indicates a significant decrease in layer wettability. Additionally, the treated layer's antibacterial property has been investigated. Against both gram-positive and -negative bacteria, each coated layer has demonstrated significant antibacterial properties. The results show that microbial cellulose coated with sesame fuel has a lot of potential as a modern wound dressing.

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