Study of microbiological quality of the fermented drink "TCH | 17555
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Study of microbiological quality of the fermented drink "TCHAKPALO" consumed in Benin roads


Baba-Moussa Farid, Bankole S. Honoré, Adeoti Kifouli1, Ahouandjnou Hélène, Gbenou Joachim, Toukourou Fatiou, et al

The Tchakpalo sold outskirts roads of Cotonou have been exposed to contaminations for the reason of that producers/sellers neglected hygiene regulations. The selling environment was often dirty because of the presence of insects, the nearing of residual gutters and puddles with unpleasant and invading odor mixed with exhausting gazes. Our research aims to study microbiological quality of Tchakpalo, a fermented drink. The results revealed presence of pathogenic microorganisms and worse hygienic indicators like the genera Staphylococcus, Coliforms and Salmonella which have been identified in many samples of Tchakpalo. The presence of these microbes constitutes a hazard for the consumers of Tchakpalo because of its sensitivity for microbe’s proliferation in case of contamination could be considered as a hazardous food.

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