Study of Leaf Epidermal Characters of some Species of the Ge | 99536
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Study of Leaf Epidermal Characters of some Species of the Genus Desmodium Desv. (Papilionoideae-Leguminosae) of Chitradurga, Karnataka, India.


Rachitha CJ* and Krishnaswamy K

The epidermal study of three species of Desmodium Desv viz Desmodium dichotomum (Willd.) DC. Synonym of Bouffordia dichotoma (willd.) H. Ohashi and K. Ohashi, Desmodium scorpiurus (Sw.) Desv. Desmodium triflorum (L.) DC. Synonym of Grona triflora (L.) H. ohashi and K. Ohashi found in Hosadurga and Holalkere taluks of Chitradurga, the epidermal characters including the properties of epidermal cells (shape, size and frequency), stomatal properties of both adaxial and abaxial (type of stomata complex, length, width, frequency and index), type and length of trichome were investigated. All the three species are amphistomatic and shows different types of stomata such as anisocytic, diacytic, paracytic, hemiparacytic and tetracytic were documented. Trichomes were present in adaxial and abaxial surface of all species of Desmodium but absent in abaxial surface of D. triflorum and reported unicellular eglandular unbranched trichomes of long and short. In the present study of leaf epidermis of all three species of Desmodium revealed inter specific relationship among species, which could be used as taxonomic tool in identification of species.

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