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Studies on the influence of tree tenure on the adoption of agroforestry practices in Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania


Sosthenes Ruheza1 , George Muhamba Tryphone2*, Jonathan Stephen Mbwambo3 , Zuena K. Khamis4 , George Swella5 and Deus K. Mushobozy2

On-farm tree retention formed the basis for the present day agroforestry systems in many traditions. In the present study, we assessed the influence of tree tenure on the adoption of agroforestry practices in Uluguru Mountains, Tanzania. Results showed that most of the farmers (92%) were involved in activities related to tree planting and/or tree retaining with the number of trees planted in existing farmlands ranging between 150 to more than 300. Young respondents planted more trees compared to middle and old age groups. Household labour unit level had an influence on the number and species of plant trees planted. The study revealed that men were significantly more involved in tree planting than women. It was also found by this study that most of the respondents (82.2%) were planting trees in their farms mainly for economic gains through timber production, while 13.3% and only 4.5% of the respondents were planting trees for soil conservation and for moisture conservation respectively. Therefore, more efforts need to be directed to planting tree species that have economic benefits to farmers in order to speed up the rate of agroforestry adoption. Perceived benefits of agroforestry practices in the study areas were for its easiness in the management of trees with other crops (59%), conservation of moisture (28%) and (13%) of the respondents said see no benefit of agroforestry system.

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