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State of affairs in ICT usage within tourist hotel operations: A case of Zanzibar


Issa Seif Salim, Hildebrand Shayo (PhD), Ernest Abaho and Prof. Mohammed Ali Sheikh

Rapid and meaningful development of information communication technologies (ICTs) and the expansion of the internet have entered in all aspects of human life. Tourism as one of the currently fastest growing industries across the world cannot progress without ICT support so are the tourism based hotels. The study focused on tourist hotels in Zanzibar. Using a descriptive and cross-section design, this study investigated the nature of ICT resources and the prevailing encumbrances to the utilization of ICT in Zanzibar. Results indicated a high level of awareness and usage of ICT applications in Zanzibar’s hotel industry. However, utilization in e-booking and e-reservation is still low. Theoretical and policy implications are discussed.

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