Some immunological and biochemical aspects for Hepatitis B v | 17605
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Some immunological and biochemical aspects for Hepatitis B virus detection


Abdalnabi J. Abid, Younis Abdul-Redha and Ayam M. Salih

The study was carried on 1200 subjects suspected to be hepatitis B virus infected, admitted to ALHilla Teaching Hospital /Central Public Health laboratory, to investigate some sero- immunological and Biochemical assay. Biochemical assay of liver function enzymes reveals enhancement in both Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) as well as Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) levels in all patients sera in comparison with normal healthy control group, However both enzymes appear to be high in male than female The highest mean value of ALT in infected subject occur in the male with age group (51-60)years old, which reach to (608.8 )U/L. While the highest mean value in female occur within age group (31- 40 )years old , which reach to (380.3)U/L. ELISA assay for detection of hepatitis B virus surface antigen as well as IgM- anti hepatitis B-core antigen and anti-HBeAg were used in this study for detection of HBV and its immunological response in infected subjects . Result revealed that only 48 out of 1200 subjects had HBsAg positive (4%) with high frequency in male( 2.1%/), than female(1.3%) group. On the other hand the highest percentage of IgM-anti HBcAg was detected within age group (31−40) years old which reach to( 77.7%) whereas anti-HBeAg reach its high percentage within age group (51−60) years old which reach to (15.3%).The study concluded that male are more susceptible to infection with HBV than female and chronisity of the disease is directly associated with age increase.

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