Seasonal Plants Found in Bhopal Vicinity helpful in boosting | 92112
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Seasonal Plants Found in Bhopal Vicinity helpful in boosting the Immunity in Human Beings


Vandana Sharma* and Pooja Parmar

Infections have become one of the most common health issues now-a-days due to increase in exposure to various viruses and other kinds of agents. Seasonal plants play role in boosting the immune power naturally with the goodness and magic of Mother Nature. Seasonal plants play a very important role in creation immunity booster. Seasonal plants immunity is the natural or induced capacity of plants to survive or ward off biological attack by pathogens or plants have naturally in built capacity to fight with pathogens and thereby survive in their natural habitat. This happens because seasonal plants have assured chemicals that help reduce your stress levels and this works as a natural boost to your immune system or Seasonal plants contains natural chemicals that helps in the reduction of stress levels in Human Beings, thereby boosting the immunity system naturally by strengthening the mental body.

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