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Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Advancements in Drug Delivery Systems


Ramona Bader*

Advancements in drug delivery systems have revolutionized healthcare by enabling targeted and controlled release of pharmaceutical substances within the body. This article explores the recent developments in various drug delivery systems, including injectable systems, transdermal patches, implantable devices, inhalers, and nanotechnology-based carriers. These advancements have improved therapeutic efficacy, reduced side effects, and enhanced patient outcomes. Injectable systems now utilize biodegradable polymers and nano-carriers for sustained drug release, while transdermal patches offer non-invasive administration through the skin. Implantable devices provide precise and prolonged drug release, and inhalers deliver medication directly to the lungs. Nanotechnology-based carriers enhance drug solubility and targeted delivery. The future of drug delivery systems holds promise for personalized and precision medicine, transforming the way medications are administered and improving the quality of life for patients.

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