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Bixia Lin*

According to Global Health Observatory data, Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) ranked first in the world's top ten causes of death in 2016. Although studies have proved that Applications (APPs) can assist patients with CHD to manage disease, there is no standard for APPs to enter the market in China. In addition, In addition, the correctness of the information provided was not welled supervised. Thus, it?s necessary for us to evaluate the quality of existing APPs to determine whether they meet the self-management needs of patients with CHD. Methods: From August to October 2019, we searched iOS (APP Store) and Android (Android market, app treasure, 360 mobile assistant, pea pod) for smartphone APPs related to CHD health management. The search terms included "???", "???", "?????", "coronary heart disease" and "cardiovascular disease". Two appraisers selected the APP strictly according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Based on the pre-established quality evaluation index system, the content analysis method was used to evaluate the quality of the incorporated APPs on functionality, practicability, usability, reliability, safety and timeliness (Scored ?1? if mentioned. Otherwise, scored ?0"). Results: We got 2926 APPs after preliminary search, 32 APPs were finally included. The scoring rate of usability was >60%, and the remaining dimensions were <30%. Conclusions: Existing CHD APPs can help patients manage disease to some extent, but the overall quality of APPs need to be improved.

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