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Reclamation of Vegetation with Introduction of Adaptable Species in the Western Rangelands of Salt Lake at Fars Province, Iran


Reza E Owfi

These Rangelands situated on 18 km East of Shiraz city. This examination expect to explore the vegetation of these rangelands by perfect species. To start with, land area, geography, geomorphology, vegetation, water table profundity, hydrogeology, pedology and climatology data were researched. The typology was finished by geomorphological information. At that point, soil inspecting was done through one meter profundity in each sort haphazardly and was tried by tests including immersed rate, electrical conductivity, pH and Texture. At that point inside every vegetation type, examining the vegetation was done totally and arbitrarily utilizing transect strategy and a transect of 30 m and three transect per each type were performed. Water table profundity was gotten by complete station camera, land maps and wells in the region and field contemplates. At last as per information acquired from these investigations and information got from relative assets, suitable species for recovery of these rangelands were presented. The vegetation has not shaped and grown haphazardly in characteristic frameworks and all vegetation creates in suitable site as indicated by their tendency and requirements. Every vegetation has a unique genera with characterized confines by excellence of their resilience, adjustment, ecologic field amicability and improvement potential and capacity and actually, it mirrors the ecologic conditions and development process. Sensible and stable support, the executives and misuse concerning the vegetation and rangelands rely upon complete, logical information. Absence of such information prompts unseemly abuse of the vegetation and irregularity among characteristic biological systems' components and the earth contingent upon the vegetation changes; at that point the plants may not secure themselves and endure and step by step the low quality plants supplant the high caliber and valuable ones lastly new environment components change prompts new vegetation supplanting the past one. Non-precise utilization of plants as rummage or something else, would endanger the their endurance in different manners; in any case, to forestall the decimation of this species and so as to secure them, the initial step is to completely comprehend the important environments as far as biological, edaphic and organic. Iran has numerous Rangelands on one hand, it is important to secure their vegetation and then again, such grounds might be utilized to ensure and improve territorial soil, water and vegetation and if such site are overlooked and decimated, the saltiness of the dirt and water increments and destructive factors, for example, wind consumption, and so on., show up so considering significant advancement of such areas it is important to contemplate and look at them to realize their possibilities to profit by them basically and immensely. The bowl of Salt Lake is inside the geological zone 52°14' to 53°28' East and 29° to 29°57' North and from the northwest toward the southeast it extends the length of it along the width of as much as 160 kilometers along the Sarvestan plain and the most extreme locale is around 43 km. The Rangeland region is 4,272 km2 (Program and Budget Organization, 1992) of which 2,323 ones are high grounds and 1,949 ones are fields. Another point is that because of the way that plant networks can't be falsely made in an area, since a plant network is the responses of the considerable number of components, for example, edaphic, climatic, natural, geomorphological and on the vegetation. Along these lines, ought to be cautious in choosing proper species to recovery of vegetation so the chose species are not causing natural irregularity in the district. Subsequently, the chose species ought to be by one way or another present in the rangeland vegetation to recovery of vegetation.

Keywords: Salt Lake; Reclamation of vegetation; Compatible species.


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