Rare cases of rectocutaneous fistulas: basic radiological te | 18090
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Rare cases of rectocutaneous fistulas: basic radiological techniques and presentations


Erondu Okechukwu Felix, Aniemeka Joy Ifeanyi

A case series of uncommon rectocutaneous fistulas is presented. Occurrence of a recto-cutaneous fistula following a skin blister is uncommon, while a scroto-rectal fistula has not been previously reported. We report the cases of recto-cutaneous fistula through a skin blister in a 34 year old man with no history of trauma, and a scroto-rectal fistula in a 28 year old man with pelvic fracture following a motorcycle accident. The third case is an utero-entero-cutaneous fistula in another 24 year old female, secondary to a complicated myomectomy. The classical radiological appearances, basic techniques using non-fluoroscopic contrast study and the need for precise diagnosis are highlighted. The precise diagnosis of a recto-cutaneous fistula is a key factor in eventual management option. These rare cases of recto-cutaneous fistulations may pose a challenge, both in the decision of an appropriate diagnostic procedure, as well as in easy recognition of the salient radiological features. The adoption of a simple technique, devoid of high radiation dose associated with fluoroscopy and basic mobile x-ray equipment is attractive for developing countries where access to sophisticated medical equipment is restricted.

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