Quality improvement and value addition of processed fish Cl | 16043
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Quality improvement and value addition of processed fish Clarias gariepinus using phenolic compounds in coffee pulp smoke


Adebowale B.A1*, Ogunjobi M.A.K1 , Olubamiwa.O1 , Olusola-Taiwo M. O2 and Omidiran V. A2

The antioxidative and antimicrobial effects of coffee pulp were investigated against rancidity (lipid oxidation) and microbial growth on smoked fish samples. About thirty kilogram’s (wet weight) of catfish (Clarias gariepinus) were killed, gutted and immersed in 15% brine for a period of 4 minutes before smoking. The fishes were divided into three batches and exposed to three smoking sources (Electric cooker (Control), Dry coffee pulp smoke and firewood smoke) for about five hours at temperature range of 80 – 900C. The three smoked fish samples were then kept differently in high densed polythene bag and kept for twenty-one days. Significantly lower values than the control were obtained for Trimethylamine, Thiobabituric acid and Peroxide values in both Coffee and charcoal smoked fish samples. During the second week, a well pronounced antioxidative effect of coffee pulp was noticed both control and firewood smoked samples. Higher preference (Physical) was shown for coffee smoked sample, as coffee aroma characterized the sample when exposed to air. Mould growth was most delayed in the coffee smoked sample till about fifteen days of storage. Fillet cut from the Coffee and firewood smoked samples were still appreciable when tasted. No repulsive odour was detected in coffee smoked sample. Coffee pulp therefore has potential antioxidative effect on rancidity in smoked fish and could also be used to flavor smoked fish products.

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