Production of pectic acid lyases (pal) by three isolatesn of | 17141
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Production of pectic acid lyases (pal) by three isolatesn of syncephalastrum racemosum


B. Vijayapal Reddy, K. Narasimha Rao, M. Srinivas and S.M. Reddy

Production of pectic acid lyase (PAL) by three isolates of Syncephalastrum racemosum was studied under difference cultural conditions. The PAL secreted by all the three isolates were adaptive as their secretion was maximum in pectin containing media. The present three isolates of S. racemosum differed significantly in their choice for pH, temperature, carbon and nitrogen sources for production of PAL enzymes. Similarly different growth substances and fungicides had varying effect on the three strains of S. racemosum under investigation for productions of PAL. In general alkaline pH favoured the activity of these enzymes. A temperature of 300C was optimum for PAL (Exo-and Endo) production. The three isolates under study were stimulated by malt extract and 2,4- DNP and corn steap liquor stimulated Exo-PAL production by orange and mosambi isolates respectively.

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