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Production of L-Glutamic acid by Corynebacterium glutamicum DSM 20300T and Arthrobacter globiformis MTCC 4299 using fruits of Muntingia calabura Linn.


Payala Vijayalakshmi*, Dhurjeti Sarvamangala

The present study was an illustrative investigation on L-Glutamic acid production by using two different bacterial strains like Corynebacterium glutamicum DSM 20300T and Arthrobacter globiformis MTCC 4299 employing a cheaply available fruit substrate of Muntingia calabura L. Owing to the high sugar content of these fruits and quick establishment process of its plant an attempt was made to utilize the fruits for the production of glutamic acid, the precursor of mono sodium glutamate (MSG), employing submerged fermentation. In these experiments, optimization of fermentation parameters could be done using an empirical strategy method to determine key factor ranges for the production of glutamic acid. After optimization of physicochemical parameters, the highest production of glutamic acid was obtained 15.1 mg/ml with Corynebacterium glutamicum DSM 20300T at pH 7.0, temperature 300C was maintained for 48h incubation time with urea, biotin and penicillin optimum concentration were being 2.0g/l, 1μg/l and 1U/ml respectively. On the other hand, the production of glutamic acid obtained with Arthrobacter globiformis MTCC 4299 was 10.7mg/ml at pH 7.0, temperature 300C time 48 h, urea 2.0g/l, biotin 4μg/l and penicillin concentration 15U/ml. Agitation at a speed of 120 rpm was favourable for the production. Eventually the product which was produced was analyzed by thin layer chromatography and subjected to crystallization at its isoelectric pH 3.2. Finally the product presence was confirmed by Liquid chromatography-Mass spectroscopy.

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