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Prevalence of Overweight and Eating Disorder Risk of Hospital Night Staff at Rouen University


Laetitia Rollin

The implementation of night adds an organization is required for the continuity of economic activity or social utility like continuity of care during a hospital environment. Yet, one fifth of the French population are night shift workers. Previous studies have identified many adverse health effects associated with long-term shift work. A recent review by the French Occupational Medicine Society reported that shift work and night work were associated with disorder, obesity and metabolic disorders, sleep disorders, gastrointestinal disease, psychological disorders like anxiety and depression, and a number of other sorts of cancer. Systematic analysis of the literature on obesity and metabolic disorders highlight a positive association between shift work and/or night work and weight gain, resulting in risk of metabolic syndrome. This weight gain has been linked to either inadequate behavior or eating disorders (ED) or both. Recent studies have reported changes within the quantity and quality of meal composition changes in food selection consistent with shift or changes in meal schedules. We distributed a personal short anonymous questionnaire to RUH night shift staff between March 17th, 2014 and April 18th, 2014. The questionnaire consisted of things on socio-demographics, work and clinical information.

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