Prenatal Testing is Made More Accessible by Enhancing Blood | 90729
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Prenatal Testing is Made More Accessible by Enhancing Blood Collection, Transport, and Storage Conditions for Cell Free DNA


Mehrab Akhtar*

Circulating cell free foetal DNA (ccffDNA) from maternal plasma can be analysed molecularly to identify foetal mutations and chromosomal abnormalities. The goal of this extensive study was to examine and confirm the blood shipping and collecting circumstances that enable noninvasive prenatal testing. The effects of shipping and storage, specifically, on the stability and quantity of circulating cell-free DNA (ccfDNA) in Streck® Cell-Free DNATM Blood Collection Tubes (Streck BCTs, Streck, Omaha NE). These BCTs were tested for their ability to successfully prevent foetal ccf DNA from being diluted by maternal genomic DNA by minimising cellular degradation (Alfirevic Z et al., 2017).

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