Predisposing factors to chronic renal failure among clients attending kidney center of University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, North-Eastern, Nigeria


Lola N., Kever R.T., Uba M.N., Sambo B.D., Dathini H., Habu H.

Chronic renal failure is increasingly becoming a major public health problem, however with better understanding of predisposing factors associated with the disease, high risk clients will be able to guide against developement of chronic renal failure. The study identified the predisposing factors to chronic renal failure among patient attending kidney centre of University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. A cross-sectional retrospective design was used for the study. A five- year retrospective data was collected from 250 patient’s records using a self developed check list. Analysis was done using frequency count, percentages and chi-square test at 5% level of significance. The mean age of patients was 45±16.7. Majority of patients who attended the centre from 2009-2013 had at least hypertension, diabetic mellitus or established heart disease as primary conditions before developing chronic renal failure. The social life style of patients indicated that 14% of the patients were drug abusers, 9.2% smoke cigarette while 6.8% were alcoholics. Occupation of the patients was found to be associated with affordability of treatment regimen. The study suggests public enlightenment through mass media on social lifestyles inflencing development of chronic renal failure and regular medical check-up to prevent chronic renal failure.

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