Plantation Agriculture and Intensive Farming| Abstract


International Research Journal of Agricultural Science and Soil Science

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Plantation Agriculture and Intensive Farming


Prathyusha Karengula

Plantation agriculture is over four hundred years previous and contributes to the regional and national economies in several tropical countries. This paper reviews a number of the most environmental problems associated with plantation agriculture with perennial crops, as well as wearing, soil fertility decline, pollution, carbon sequestration and multifariousness. wearing and soil fertility decline ar of concern in some areas, however in most plantations these ar being checked by cowl crops and inorganic plant food applications. Few studies are conducted on the difficulty of carbon sequestration below perennial plantation cropping. Reductions in deforestation yield a lot of larger edges for a discount in carbonic acid gas emissions than increasing plantation agriculture. the largest threat to multifariousness is that the loss of surround through growth of the plantation space. Despite the environmental issues and issues, this review has shown that crop yields of most perennial crops have enhanced over time thanks to improved crop cultivation as well as high-yielding cultivars and improved soil management. it's seemingly that a lot of attention are given to the environmental aspects of plantation cropping thanks to the increasing environmental awareness in tropical countries.

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