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Pillars of TQM Implementation in Manufacturing Organization- An Empirical Study


Md. Ariful Islam, A.F.M Anwarul Haque

A good quality management system is vital for a manufacturing organization to enhance its competitiveness. Over the years, TQM becomes a strategic tool for manufacturing organizations to grow and sustain in the highly competitive business environment. However, developing appropriate foundation for TQM implementation is still the real challenge for an organization. This paper deals with the implementation issues of TQM in manufacturing organizations. A comprehensive framework for TQM implementation was developed that engaged essential pillars, and their associated factors. The aim of the research was to examine the feasibility of the proposed framework initially developed based on the literature review and authors’ experience working in the manufacturing organizations. The developed framework was verified in the practical settings in Ready Made Garments (RMG) Industry in Bangladesh. In the empirical investigation, 31 export-oriented organizations in the RMG sector were studied. The findings implied that the creation of quality management environment, development of teamwork, practice of quality control tools and techniques, closer supplier relationship and customer focus are the main pillar of TQM implementation. Majority of the proposed factors associated to the pillars were significantly apparent in the studied organizations. As a whole the study validated the proposed framework for TQM implementation.

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