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Physical-mathematical diagnosis of cardiac dynamic on neonatal sepsis: predictions of clinical application


Javier Rodríguez, Signed Prieto, Milena Flórez, Claudia Alarcón, Ruth López, Gydnea Aguirre, Leonardo Morales, Luis Lima , Laura Méndez

new diagnosis and physical-mathematic al predictions have been developed by dynamic systems theory in adults. Also there were d eveloped mortality predictors for neonates with sepsis based on heart rate variability measures. Ob jective: to predict neonatal sepsis or sepsis-like dynamics appearance based on cardiac dynamics syste ms. Materials and Methods: since a mental experiment, developed on the context of dynamic sys tem theory, and empirical data of clinical practice, from a previous work, there were studied neonate cardiac dynamic evolution from normality to sepsis or similar dynamics to sepsis and were bu ilt all the possible chaotic attractors of these dynamics on the Box-Counting universalized space. Fo r that, there were taken minimal and maximum values of RR intervals of a neonate, assess ed 6 days before sepsis, and 6 hours and 3 hours before sepsis. There were developed simulatio ns of the dynamic, were built attractors for each state, and were assessed the differences on their s patial occupation. Finally, there was made a simulation of every possible attractors which progr ess from normality to sepsis or similar dynamics to sepsis in time, by an exponential law developed for cardiac dynamic in adults. Results: chaotic attractors differentiate normality from sepsis and similar dynamics to sepsis, as were as its evolutio n in time, finding that each assessed attractor can b e differentiated by its spatial occupation, which presented values of 73, 130, y 34 squares on the Kp grille, for normality, 6-hours before, and 3-hours before sepsis respectively. There were established 2541 possible dynamics on the step from normality to sepsis, in the course of 6 hours. Conc lusions: a new predictive physical mathematical diagnosis for preventive clinical application was d eveloped, which reveal an non-causal self- organization of neonate cardiac dynamic, which allow diagnose and warn early the evolution of the system to sepsis or sepsis-like dynamics even 6 hou rs ahead of time.

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