Physical Assessment Self-efficacy of Libyan Nursing Students


Efren P. Molina, Eduardo L. Fabella, Ma. Carla G. Vigonte

The physical assessment self-efficacy of 73 BS Nursing students of Omar Al-Mukhtar University (Libya) was evaluated following a nine-day training on cephalocaudal examination using a self-assessment tool that was constructed by the authors (Cronbach's α = 0.972). A comparative descriptive design was employed. This study was undertaken to determine self-efficacy variability among different year levels, student ranks and areas of specialization. The study revealed an over-all high level of self-efficacy in performing this essential nursing skill. Although variability was noted in performing specific steps, no significant differences were found in all the three variables examined. This research provided valuable information that was used by faculty in enhancing instruction for specific groups of students and for specific aspects of adult physical assessment.

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