Pericardial effusion in celiac disease | 17922
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Pericardial effusion in celiac disease


C. Grasso, C. Mattia, M. Spina, P. Sciacca

A high incidence of pericardial effusion in patient with celiac disease is currently described in lite rature. This association between pericardial effusion and c eliac disease is considered to be governed by a multifactorial mechanism; while a high endomysial a ntibody titre as well as selenium deficiency has been described as predisposing factor. In this retr ospective cohort study, the prevalence of pericardi al effusion in children with celiac disease diagnosed from 2008 to 2010 in our department of pediatrics was evaluated. The causes of this clinical associat ion were also analyzed, focusing on clinical and laboratory differences between “pericardial effusion ”-celiac group and “no-pericardial effusion”-celiac group.

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