Performance evaluation of Typha latifolia under the harsh c | 16571
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Performance evaluation of Typha latifolia under the harsh conditions of Kuwait


Habibah S. Al-Menaie, Ouhoud Al-Ragam, Majid Al-Zalzaleh, Meena Mathew and Nisha Suresh

Growth performance of Cattail (Typha latifolia) procured from China was studied under the environmental conditions of Kuwait. The design of the experiment was Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with three replications. Rhizomes were planted in one-gallon containers filled with a growing medium comprising of sand and sphagnum peat moss (2:1 v/v) and placed in pond compartments filled with fresh water. Data on plant height and number of leaves were statistically analyzed using the statistical software R method. Results revealed that although cattail is an introduced plant species, it was performed well under the studied environmental conditions. The effect of water quality on the growth of cattail was studied using three different water sources i.e., fresh, brackish, and treated wastewater which were replicated thrice. Results showed that cattail can be grown well in any type of water regardless of the quality. The study on the effect of pot size on cattail growth and multiplication using pots of three different sizes pots i.e., 29h*30w*29d cm (circular), 50h*45w*22d cm (rectangular) and 22h*22w*13d cm (baskets) revealed that cattail performed better in rectangular pots than in circular pots or baskets and a higher number of seedlings was produced in rectangular pots.

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