Patients’ Satisfaction and Quality of Care in a Tertiary Institution in Southeast Nigeria


Jane C Umeano-Enemuoh

To determine the factors enhancing and deterring patients’ satisfaction in a tertiary institution and the quality of care in southeast Nigeria. The study was a cross sectional study in which 360 systematically selected participants completed 5 point likert scale self-administered questionnaire to rate their satisfaction level and quality of services provided, as well as factors of importance where best service was provided. Overall, participants were quite satisfied (Mean score = 3.75) with the services provided by the different service providers. Respondents also indicated that overall the quality of care of the health facility was good (mean score = 3.45). Pharmacy received the highest satisfaction level with a mean rating of 4.1. Over a third participants (38%) rated the services provided by the doctors as best despite giving the highest quality ratings with a mean of 3.9 to pharmacy compared to mean ratings of 3.4 for the doctors. Respondent’s greatest displeasure was with the time spent at the facility as 63.9% of them were displeased. More than a third (36.9%) was most pleased with information given to them as a factor of importance. Participants were quite satisfied with the services provided as well as the quality of care by the different service providers of the health facility. There is a need for interventions in terms of time spent at the facility which would promote good customer focused service delivery.

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