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Otologic injuries in Port Harcourt


Ibekwe Matilda Uju

The relevance of the ear as a sense organ cannot be overemphasized. However, this sensitive organ can easily be injured and therefore, a major source of disability that is often neglected. This study is carried out to ascertain the types of injuries to t he ear, outcome and to proffer preventive measures. 5 years of retrospective review of all patients with otologic injuries seen in the ear, nose and throat department of University of Port Harcourt teaching hospital from January 2007 through January 2011. There were a total number of 244 patients with age ranging from 4months to 60years. There were 144 (59%) males and 100 (41%) females with a male: fema le ratio of 1.4:1.The age group 21-30 (41%) was the most involved while 51-60(1.6%) had the least injur y. Blunt trauma; blows and slaps were the highest form of injury150 (61.5%) while lacerations/cuts we re next with 24.6%.The least type of injury was bla st and gunshot injuries with 0.8%. Hearing loss was th e commonest presenting symptom while chronic otitis media was the commonest complication seen. O tologic injuries can lead to serious morbidity and sometimes to preventable disability and handicap. T he young adults that represent the workforce are the population mainly affected.

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