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Optimization effect of germination on functional properties of wheat flour by response surface methodology


Imtiaz Hussain and 2M. Burhan Uddin

The present study focused on optimization of functional properties of wheat flour prepared from germinated wheat seed. For optimization of germination conditions (time and temperature) study was designed by using the Response Surface Methodology (RSM), with a central composite rotatable design (CCRD). The wheat seeds were germinated at 30-37 ºC for 48-72 hours. Germinated wheat seed flour was evaluated for functional properties. The results shows that bulk densities (packed and lose) of germinated wheat flours were lower. Germination process increased water absorption capacity of wheat flour at ambient conditions but decreased in oil absorption capacity .The increase in foaming capacities and reduction in foam stability of all samples was recorded. Thus, the study indicated that germination improved the functional properties wheat flour. Germinated wheat flour can be successfully used for preparation weaning foods for proteins deficient children.

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