Observations on reproductive organs and tissues of two fresh | 18010
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Observations on reproductive organs and tissues of two freshwater cyprinid fishes


Zohair I.F. Rahemo, Nabela M.S. Al-Shatter

Two freshwater fish models were selected caught in river Tigris passing through Neinava province, to investigate their reproductive systems. A total of 45 of Hemri Barbus luteus and 32 of Ethri, Varicorhinuus trutta were examined during the period between January 20 08 and November 2009 to study their female and male reproductive systems, f rom gross morphological and histological aspects .Females shown to possess a pair of elongated ovari es situated at the ventral side of the swim bladder , connected with it and other viscera by thin mesente ries. It revealed from histological studies that ovaries are coated with tunica albuginea, from whic h folds are protruded towards the cavity of the ovary known as oogerous lamella .

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