New Enzyme Antagonist Azoles: Synthesis, Pharmacological Ass | 97297
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New Enzyme Antagonist Azoles: Synthesis, Pharmacological Assessment, and Structure-Activity Connection


Sapna Kumari*

People all around the world are afflicted with numerous ailments. The chemical compound's cytotoxic qualities would affect therapeutic effectiveness in addition to reducing unneeded side effects. Certain proteins and enzymes that are necessary for microbial growth or survival are successfully targeted and blocked, causing the cells to suffer apoptosis. Moreover, essential enzyme isoforms have unique physiological roles, making inhibition of critical enzyme isoforms a suitable clinical strategy for disease neutralisation. Medications are created to have major effects on oncogenic processes such cell proliferation, invasion, and angiogenesis, such as signalling pathways. The current review summarises recent knowledge on the synthesis of several organic medicinal molecules that have the potential to block a specific enzyme. The review also discusses the relationship between the intended drug's molecule's structure and its inhibitory effect. The most important enzyme inhibitors are also underlined and structural moieties and core units that exhibit exceptional inhibitory effects are stressed.

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