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Nerve injuries after gunshots pellets


Saly H. Elkholy

This study is an overview of the severity of nerve injuries that could be happened after gunshots pellets. This is a retrospective case study; 6 male patients attended the clinical neurophysiology uni t, at Kasr Al Aini Hospitals, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt between February 14 th and March 28 th 2011 with different types of limbs’ nerves injurie s due to gunshots pellets. All had multiple pellets either in the upper (3= 50%) or lower (3= 50%) limb s. Some pellets were surgically removed and some are still inside with different pass. All the lower limb injuries are from the back. The upper limbs’ are variable but restricted to the hand and forearm. Se verity and multiplicity of nerve injuries after gun shots pellets have unpredictable results. They depend mai nly on the distance between the weapon and the victim as well as the direction of the weapon. Ther efore, international regulations of using gunshots pellets must be more firm.

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