Mycological Studies of Trichophyton mentagrophyes var. menta | 17348
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Mycological Studies of Trichophyton mentagrophyes var. mentagrophyes causing Ringworm in Horses in Al Ahsa Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


M. S. Shathele

The study reports the first confirmed cases of equi ne ringworm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) due to lack of reports on dermatophytoses. Extensiv e lesions of clinical ringworm in two horses were examined in the King Faisal University Veterinary T eaching Hospital equine clinic. Clinical examination showed scales, thick crusts and pruritu s on the flanks and back. At the time of presentation, isolated lesions coalesced to form ex tensive areas with grey, non-exudative and shining patches. Mycological studies were done on skin and hair scrapings using direct, cultural and biochemical methods. It was documented that the cau sative dermatophyte was Trichophyton mentagrophytes var. mentagrophytes by various confirmatory tests. This study demonstra tes ways for laboratory diagnosis, differential diagnosis an d confirmatory tests for horse ringworm dermatophytes. Implications of findings of the stud y of the zoonotic dermatophyte on Veterinary Health and Public Health are discussed.

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