Multiple Tumefactive Demyelinating lesions demonstrated on 3 | 16815
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Multiple Tumefactive Demyelinating lesions demonstrated on 3TMRI - a case report


Gaurav Raj, Dinkar Kulshrestha, Abhisekh Chauhan, Ajay Singh

A 16 year old girl came to Neurology OPD with histo ry of headache followed by gradual and progressive weakness of left upper and lower limb o f 25 days duration. 8 days prior to presentation, she had an episode of seizure and lapsed into altere d sensorium. There was no fever or any other comorbidity preceding the illness. On Examination, she was drowsy, responding occasionally to commands. Her systemic examination was normal. Her positive neurological findings were left hemiparesis with generalized hyper reflexia and bila teral extensor plantar response. A possibility of Space occupying lesion was considered and she was s tarted on anti-epileptic drugs and anti-edema measures and was admitted for evaluation of the sam e. Her complete blood picture, Renal and Liver function tests, RBS, CXR and USG abdomen were norma l. She was subjected to 3T MRI with Contrast Enhanced and diffusion weighted images

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